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Lucas Beneath The Bark
Hank Beneath The Bark


Police Officer



PTSD Support Dog

The Best Team

My name is Lucas and I am the founder and owner of Beneath The Bark Canada. I have always had a strong passion for wood working and over the years it has developed into a business. My passion for wood working started 4 years ago after I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD from a work related shooting that I was involved in. 


Like many others who have a PTSD diagnosis, I found myself experiencing constant stress and unhappiness in my life. This was where I started wood working because it helped me regulate my stress and abnormalities and with time, these stresses and abnormalities dissipated.  


As I am an avid challenge coin collector, I decided to make myself a few challenge coin boards which quickly gained the attention from my friends and co-workers. Shortly thereafter, I found myself making more and more of these displays for friends and co workers and in 2020, I decided to start Beneath The Bark Canada.


Over the past few years, our business has grown exponentially and I can’t thank all of my wonderful customers for their support. It means the world to me. 


To all of my fellow first responders, stay safe out there <3

Meet The Team: Meet The Team


We started with the simple idea of bringing the best from us to you. From our founder to our front-line workers, we put lots of love and careful thought into all of our challenge coin displays and plaques. We hope you enjoy all we have to offer, and share the experience with others. 

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