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Another custom challenge coin display case designed from scratch by our team at Beneath The Bark and CNC’d into our finest selection of your choice of: Walnut, Mahogany or Beech woods. All of our wood slabs are hand selected and our high standards of selecting these slabs ensure that you're getting the best quality wood for your display cases.

This type of display case is great for show casing your challenge coins on a office desk or countertop and can hold anywhere from 30-50 challenge coins (Depending on size purchased).

This display comes in three sizes as followed

Small - 6'' L x 10'' D x 3'' H

Medium - 10'' L x 10'' D x 3'' H

Large - 16'' L x 10'' D x 3'' H

This display also comes complimentary with one engraving + your agencies police crest/logo as a centerpiece. Not interested in having a Badge/Reg # or police crest in the center of the display? That’s okay, just be sure to let us know and we will accommodate your request.

Have a type of stain you want your display finished in? Let us know, well make it happen.


Police Crest on Challenge Coin Display’s

  • At present we have authorization to use 100 + Policing/Law Enforcement Agencies crests from across Canada. To view our full list of approved crests, please visit section 20 of our Policies/FAQ page



  • Must be an active or retired member of the crest you are wanting engraved
  • You must not change or alter any of my displays pertaining the crests themselves
  • You will not be able to purchase a display with a policing crest or logo on it if you are or were not a part of that agency.
  • Resale of my displays with policing crests on them is prohibited.

Flat Challenge Coin Display

SKU: prod-ef2fb9fca96108d9595ff21abdcfae
  • Please refer to our return/refund policy on our "Policies/FAQ" page

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