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Check out this Brand new creation by our team at Beneath The Bark Canada. Crafted out of our finest selection of poplar hobby board, this display wont disappoint.


It was designed from scratch and created in such a way to maximize coin placements with 41 challenge coin spots!! It features include: your badge number, your agency name, and your agencies crest (8” x 8”) which are all carved into the wood from our CNC machine. And best of all, its got a massive 18” x 10” police officer which is also carved into the wood with the highest precision and extreme detail.


At present we have two sizes for this display:


  • 35” x 20” (41 Coin spots)
  • 22” x 12” (20 Coin spots)


We use a high quality chalk paint which gives it an amazing finishing touch. The wood can also be finished in a single colour of your choice (Please be sure to specify in the personalization section at checkout).


Additional Carvings can be added to the display for a flat $10 surcharge.

Police Officer Silhouette Challenge Coin Display

  • Size dimensions for this display are:

    • 35” x 20” (41 Coin spots)
    • 22” x 12” (20 Coin spots)
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