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A little bit of this and a little bit of that. This display has it all!!

Were constantly listening to our customers on what's important to them, things they liked, and things they didn't like and this display is a perfect example of that. We have taken a little bit of each display and combined it into one masterpiece!

This "Poplar Shelf Challenge Coin Display Case" is perfect for those wishing to show case a large amount (30-55) of challenge coins on a beautiful piece of art. Crafted from freshly cut poplar and finished with our finest selection of grooved poplar for the shelves; this display case is great for an avid challenge coin collector who supports the ThinblueLine.

Size dimensions are:

- 26" W x 12.5" H x 1.5" D (Holds 30-40 Coins)

- 26" W x 15" H x 1.5" D (Holds 45-55 Coins)


This display comes standard with a 7" x 7" maple leaf in the center of the display and a 2''x2'' police crest/logo in the top left of the display. It can be upgraded to a 6''x 6'' Police Crest in the center of the display or any other logo for a $10 fee. If you wish to choose this option, please select the "Police Crest/logo" option at check out and be sure to let us know which police crest or logo you want in the center of the display.

If you wish to add a badge number(s) or quote(s) to the display, it is $5 per engraving, up to a maximum of two engravings.


Police Crest on Challenge Coin Display’s

  • At present we have authorization to use 100 + Policing/Law Enforcement Agencies crests from across Canada. To view our full list of approved crests, please refer to section 20 of our Policies/FAQ page .



  • Must be an active or retired member of the crest you are wanting engraved
  • You must not change or alter any of my displays pertaining the crests themselves
  • You will not be able to purchase a display with a policing crest or logo on it if you are or were not a part of that agency.
  • Resale of my displays with policing crests on them is prohibited.


Poplar Shelf Challenge Coin Display Case

SKU: prod-c453df51347b62ae0f01f61912503c
  • Please refer to our return/refund policy on our "Policies/FAQ" page

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