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***Please note, the following display has yet to be created (hence the software images versus real images). We would love you to be the first to order one of these displays. If you are unsure what the final result will look like, please refer to one of our many "Map" displays***


Check out this beautiful Rustic Saskatchewan Display Case. This display is great for those collectors who have a large collection of coins as this display houses 72 coins!!!


Crafted out of the finest poplar hobby boards and CNC'd into one of following sizes:


- 19'' W x 32" H x 1.5'' D (Houses 72 challenge coins)


Once we've CNC'd your display, it is torched using the "Shou Sugi Ban" technique. After we've carefully surface charred all of the wood, it's off to be painted where we ensure all of our paint lines come out CRISP! Thats right, no bleeding or poorly painted lines. 


It comes standard with no engravings or centrepiece however you can add a maple leaf (7" x 7"), police crest (6'' x 6'') or any other logo for that matter. 


This display comes with two picture hooks installed on the back of the display to make hanging the display easier. 


We are also able to remove as many of the challenge coin placements (as seen in some of the pictures) as you want. 


The display you purchase may vary due to the nature of the natural wood (knots, grains, etc). 


Police Crest on Challenge Coin Display’s

  • At present we have authorization to use 100 + Policing/Law Enforcement Agencies crests from across Canada. To view our full list of approved crests, please refer to section 20 of our Policies/FAQ page 



  • Must be an active or retired member of the crest you are wanting engraved
  • You must not change or alter any of my displays pertaining the crests themselves 
  • You will not be able to purchase a display with a policing crest or logo on it if you are or were not a part of that agency.
  • Resale of my displays with policing crests on them is prohibited.

Saskatchewan Map Display Case

  • Please refer to our return/refund policy on our "Policies/FAQ" page

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