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Not a challenge coin collector ? No problem! This display is great for those of you who aren't into collecting challenge coins but still want to support The Thin Blue Line.  

This display comes standard with a 7" x 7" maple leaf in the center of the display with 35 coins and a 2.5" x 2.5" logo in the top left of the display. It can be upgraded to a 6'' x 6'' Police Crest in the center of the display to replace the maple leaf or any other logo for a $10 fee. Please note that when you change from a maple leaft to a police crest/logo, we drop the amount of coin placements from 35 to 32 to allow for the crest to not be overtaken by bullet casings. If you wish to have a police crest/logo in the center over the maple leaf, please select the "Police Crest/logo" option at check out and be sure to let us know which police crest or logo you want in the center of the display or simply leave it as is and have both the Maple Leaf in the center with the police crest in the top left. 

If you wish to add a badge number(s) or quote(s) to the display, it is $5 per engraving, up to a maximum of two engravings.

Size dimensions for this display is 24" W x 12.5" H x .75" D

Police Crest on Challenge Coin Display’s

  • At present we have authorization to use 100 + Policing/Law Enforcement Agencies crests from across Canada. To view our full list of approved crests, please visit section 20 of our Policies/FAQ page



Thin Blue Line Display Case

  • Size dimensions for this display is 24" W x 12.5" H x .75" D

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