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Arguably the best pairing out there; Whisky and Cigars and what better way to enjoy them than with this custom designed Whisky and Cigar Display. 


You bring this bad boy to the next poker tournament with the boys or the next drinking night with your friends and they’ll be asking you when you became so cool! 


Crafted out of your choice of the following woods:


  • Walnut 
  • Cedar
  • Zebra wood 
  • Wenge 


Once you’ve selected your choice of wood,  it’s time to decide how many engravings you want and where exactly you want them on the display (5 engravings maximum). 


It comes finished with a clear coat walrus oil which seals in the grains in the wood and provides a long lasting product! 


Coolest part about this display, is the inlay underneath the whisky glass for your favourite challenge coin (Optional). 


**Please note, in order to ensure a perfect fit for your challenge coin and glass, we will need the exact radius of both as well as the exact thickness (in mm) of your challenge coin**


Don’t miss out on taking your coolness to the next level with this “Whisky/Cigar Display”. 


Police Crest on Challenge Coin Display’s

  • At present we have authorization to use 100 + Policing/Law Enforcement Agencies crests from across Canada. To view our full list of approved crests, please visit section 20 of our Policies/FAQ page



Whisky/Cigar Challenge Coin Display

  • Please refer to our return/refund policy on our "Policies/FAQ" page

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